Sorry Everybody

I'm going to take a break until Sunday. Sorry,

I've been super busy ><

Tommorrow: Major math test, and music test
Sat: volunteering, job finding, more homework T_T
Let me leave you with something now. I've finally completed my SHINee quest!! I've found at least one item of each member!! YAY

Last but not least to complete my collection Mr. Almighty KEY!!
I don't know where the photo is from, sorry. I just found it on Soompi ><
He is wearing Rockers NYC x Cassette Playa God's Money Tee in white
or Cassette Playa x Rockers NYC
which ever way you prefer it!

I will leave you with 3 buy links :D

Credits: K-world Style, soompi, Cassette Playa, Rockers NYC, Welcome Hunters, wellgosh, the site for Japan Link

Maria :D

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