SNSD Got a Boy (5)

Don't you love easy and obvious finds? I sure do
Now for the second round of finds that I talked about yesterday

is definetely wearing a t-shirt from Obey but I coudn't find it online
And all the girls are wearing shoes from Nike
There were so many easy finds in this MV I just coudn't believe my eyes.
Like this Kenzo x New Era Fitted Hat cap that Sooyoung is wearing...this was such a hard I right?
Buy the cap here:

Another 'hard' find was this Mishka top that Tiffany is wearing...the writing it's a bit weird but if you know the brand Mishka it's easy to spot
More Mishka coming up in the next post

There's more, more, MORE SNSD right under the jump! :D I know you want to see it, so click "Read More" to see it ~

Here Seohyun is wearing the SS vespa Collage Tee from Stussy.
Buy it here
I also have a hintch that I've seen that jacket somewhere...but I don't know where :(

I bet you already discovered this find by yourself :D
Taeyeon is wearing the SS Good Vibe from Stussy which you can buy here
I was really impressed with the Kid Leader Taeyeon she pulled the fierce image really well and have you seen those moves?

I immediately recognized this hat...If it didn't had wings I would probably never found it. This hat is so cute
You probably have seen this type of hat on many K-pop idols,mostly on B1A4 since they endorse Hatson
So remember if it has wings it's from Super the cap here

And lastly we have this....hmm(what it is called...purse belt?).....purse belt from KTZ that Yuri is wearing
Oh wait I found the name of it's the KTZ Coin Detail Bum Bag Item....hich you can buy here

We still have some finds left so stay tuned

Credits:Sment,Ktz,Super Bound,Stussy,Mishka,Kenzo

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